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     Picture this: The year is 2020, you've just turned 35, and your small business is shut down due to a pandemic.  You can't work, travel, visit friends, or go to church, and homeschool life is taking you down through there.  You're also a single lady who just broke up, but you can't be up in the club doin' your own lil' thang because those too, are closed.  

     During this time, I didn't know if I had enough money to stretch, because I didn't know how long I'd be out of business.  By faith, I didn't lay anyone off.  By faith, I kept paying payroll and giving to my church as if I was still making money.  I saw bigger companies than mine folding, but I also saw Jehovah Jireh's provision in action.  By the grace of God, my business is still standing, and I was able to sit down and write a (future) New York Times Bestseller.   

     Believe it or not, I hadn't planned to write a book, but when your world comes to a screeching halt the way it did for us in 2020, you begin to seek God for guidance and for the clarity of 20/20.  You begin to ask God what He wants you to gain from this season and how you can make the most of it.  That's when the Holy Spirit stepped in and gave me a book to write.  I deactivated my FB account, took Instagram off of my phone, and vowed not to return until I was a published author.   

     As I began the writing process, I immediately realized that this was the Lord's work and a big part of my life's purpose.  There were times when I'd be writing pages and thinking to myself, "Ohhhh snaaaap! That's good right there! Did I write that?" I knew it was too good to be coming from anywhere but the Lord.  So when you open your copy, you will see where I have dedicated this book to the Holy Spirit, my ghostwriter.  My Holy Ghostwriter!! *throws phone, shakes, and quickens*

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