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Oh who are we kidding?  Yes, we love the Lord, but we don't listen to the Mighty Clouds of Joy when we're running on the treadmill.  We love us some Rev. Dr. Shirley Caesar, but we don't turn her on when it's time to make love.  We live for a good ol' hymn, but that isn't our go-to when we're trying to stay awake behind the wheel.  Now there may be some of you who only have gospel music in your repertoire.  That's really neat, but this book is for the rest of us.  If you have ever been listening to some trap music and thought to yourself, "My God Today...that was a WORD!" then this book is for you.  When God's Word dwells in you richly (Colossians 3:16), you can't help but to see it and hear it everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE.  You'd be surprised how the most ratchet and unlikely songs can be transformed into psalms that bless your life and teach you Godly lessons.  Start reading this book today, and read it every day for one year.  If your life hasn't changed within 365 Days, the book is free.  Ha!  Just kidding.  You still have to pay for it, but think of it as an investment.  The words contained in this book are honestly worth way more than anything that money can buy.

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Limited Availability for Preaching Engagements, Keynote Speeches, Podcast Appearances, Youth Conferences, Women's Conferences, Night Club Appearances, Standup Comedy, State of the Union Addresses, Sports Commentating, and Guest Spots on Daytime Soap Operas
If you are interested in booking Dr. Lori to speak at your event, please submit an inquiry here, and be sure to include the date/time of the event and a brief description of the occasion.
A note: Dr. Lori loves preaching and speaking. She is truly grateful for every invitation, but due to scheduling restraints, and her prioritization of family time and rest, only a limited number of engagements are accepted each year.  It's best to get your requests submitted as early as possible. 

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