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How I Went Viral That One Time...

Alright so boom, the year is 2017. Sometimes songs get stuck in my head, and the night before, the first verse of "Wipe Me Down" dropped in my spirit and would not leave. I was up early and getting ready for an event with my line sisters (Oo-oop! DST, you already know!). I was just being silly thinking my friends on Instagram might understand my humor...MIGHT! I decided to share it to Facebook and that's where it took off. It was shared thousands of times and appeared on TheShaderoom and Worldstar Hip Hop. There were articles written about it on places like, and Yahoo...and I was still in my PJs!! Lorght hammercy, I DEFINITELY would have changed clothes had I known a million people were going to see it! After this, people started calling me the "My God Today Lady." As crazy as it sounds, I have been approached by strangers and asked for pictures out in public. I even earned a "follow" from rapper Foxx A Milliyone who is the genius behind the lyric. What people didn't know is that I was going through a divorce at the time and had just signed off on my papers a day or so before. When I went viral, I felt like the Lord had reached down, picked me up, and said, "I just wanted to show you that I'm still with you no matter what." It's a pretty good story to tell during those awkward cocktail hours.

For more videos like this one, follow my IG "sermon" page @mygodtoday.

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